I am not trying to sell you something. I just know what a soreness it can be to locate a mattress on the net. I also know how irritating it is to have to go to a retailer and deal with the revenue folks who push you toward the most pricey mattresses in the retailer. For that cause, I have produced this manual to assistance you sort out what is correct and what is garbage in the planet of memory foam.

Fact-finding is tricky

When it comes to finding data (I indicate, actual data) about memory foam mattresses, there does memory foam mattress toppers not seem to be a single beneficial resource. Wikipedia does a excellent task explaining what memory foam is, and some facts about how it is produced. Wikipedia does not, having said that, in any way assistance me in my hunt to locate out what makes 1 Tempurpedic improved than one more Tempurpedic. Thanks to some clever advertising, unsupported "facts" and outright lies, Google is a horrible source for finding actual info on the subject.

That being the situation, I have carried out a little something that I do not assume has been carried out in advance of by a person who is not trying to sell you a little something: I identified a regional memory foam mattress manufacturer and drove in excess of to request them issues!

Why? For the reason that my back hurts and I do not have $3,000 to drop on a mattress. I am guessing that most folks who have hunted for mattresses asked the same query I did: "are these knock-off brand names as excellent or improved than the gold conventional--Tempurpedic?"

The benefits are in (sorta)!

I read the same testimonials you have read. Nearly all of them are fake. How do I know this? For the reason that the same verbiage is posted on various evaluation web-sites (I compared eOpinion with tons of mattress evaluation web-sites (yes, they exist)). The testimonials are primarily useless, but this is fine for our reality-finding mission: we are merely trying to figure out if Manufacturer A sells a equivalent product or service to Manufacturer B and why there is a $2000+ price difference.

Right here is what I learned just after meeting with a memory foam mattress manufacturer in my hometown of Jeffersonville, Indiana:

  1. There is no magic dust in Tempurpedic: they merely have a patent on their formula. Most all memory foam suppliers (of which there aren't many) use incredibly equivalent formulas. They only have to deviate a bit to steer clear of the patent.
  2. Memory Foam sleeps hot. They do not tell you that in the display space, but it is correct. The cause is that, in contrast to coil mattresses, there is nowhere for your entire body heat to escape so it merely stays in the foam.
  3. As a standard rule, the higher the density, the longer the mattress will last.
  4. Tempurpedic truly sleeps hotter than most of the knock-off brand names due to the reality that their formula involves primarily-closed cells (do not request, I didn't understand) which does not enable considerably of any airflow. The knock-off brand names, to steer clear of the Tempurpedic patent, use additional open-celled foam which apparently enables the materials to breath a lot easier.
  5. Numerous of the knock-off web-sites import less expensive, Chinese foam mattresses which practically never ever have correct density measurements (assume about it, would you even know how to locate out what the actual density of your mattress is?)
  6. American Made mattresses are super really hard to come by and typically carry a higher price tag than their Chinese counter-parts. (see #five)


Are the knock-off brand names as excellent?

I can hopefully assistance you out here with the multi-billion dollar query: are restava (angel, us mattress, etc) as excellent as Tempurpedic?

Immediately after my quite restricted investigation, I can tell you that some are and some are not. The reality is that we all have various expectations for our bed and the way it sleeps. A excellent bed for me may be the worst factor that has ever occurred to you. I can not assistance you locate your mattress, but I can assistance you locate a excellent manufacturer. Right here is a speedy examine listing that you can use to locate out if the brand you are studying is on par with your identify brand of option:

  1. Is your brand produced in America? I figured out an simple way to reply this: both phone the manufacturerand request or appear on the about us page for an deal with, photos of workers and a constructing with their organization emblem on it (yeah, a bunch of them just put banners up in some South Carolina factory and do not truly manufacturer their personal mattresses).
  2. Is the foam density at least 5lb? It should really be, or you should really get utilised to sleeping in a you-produced ditch.
  3. Were you able to locate YouTube videos of "actual" shoppers speaking about their buy of the product or service (unboxing would be best)? I believe in videos way additional than text when it comes to highly-competitive markets like mattresses.
  4. Will the manufacturer let you send the bed back if it is not what you anticipated? Highly regarded brand names will.
  5. When you phone their Client Service prior to your buy (which you will need to do), did they leave you on hold for thirty minutes, or did you get to speak to a person. Even if you just want to say "oops, wrong number", at least phone: this is a huge buy so do your homework.

If you are interested in studying additional, I just produced a new web-site with the sole goal of instruction people today how to acquire mattresses. Particularly, there are evaluation-listings for every of the key on the net brand names.

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